This reel of footage is from the 2010 National Championships of Surf Kayaking. There are actually a couple pretty cool shots of good wave rides in there and the soundtrack the song ‘Nutcase’ from ‘The Stormy Petrel’.

Credits: Soundtrack ‘Nutcase’ by Leatherface from ‘The Stormy Petrel’, courtesy of No Idea Records and Southern Lovin PR. Video footage provided by Deadman, Effort, and Interference. Photography provided by Carlisle Landell, Kathy Lawlery, Caroline Janganant and Spencer Cooke.

Mash-up video with an excerpt of ‘The Noah’ (Daniel Boura, 1975) and ‘Isn't Life Just Sweet?’ (Leatherface - The Stormy Petrel, 2010). For improved audio and visuals you can also watch it in 480p.

The Noah is a slow paced film of a sole survivor of a nuclear war trying to cope with his situation and rebuilding an imaginary civilization by his memories, fears and desires.

LeatherfaceEvery member of Leatherface would like to say a big thank you to everyone who was involved, turned up and went mad at our recent tour in Japan & Australia. We had a great time and hope you all did too? We would love to mention everyone but we could go on forever and anyway, you know who you are! Cheers and thanks again.


Leatherface playing ‘Never Say Goodbye’ live @ The East Brunswick Club headling night 2 of the Poison City Weekender 2010. Footage comes courtesy of Aussie Punk Rock Podcast D.I.Wireless: diwireless.com.au



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