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God is Dead

God is dead, in my shed
Better red than dead
Living in my head
Best unsaid
Filling me with dread
God is dead in my shed
Better dead than read
The dog is fed
God is dead definitely dead

I wouldn’t lie to you

Chicago school
Treats us like fools
Viva Chavez, Viva Allende
God is dead
Buried in my shed
The free market
Is still not dead
Wartime leaders
Get Nobel peace prizes
God is dead,
He’s definitely dead.

“It’s all about the sound—you know, making the guitar go aarrrraaaaaarrrgggh.”  Frankie Stubbs

It’s been said that there is no underground anymore, that as soon as a band get big enough to be influential, the mainstream press swarms all around the band and leaves them an over-exposed mess. Then, along comes Leatherface and blows all that cynicism right out of the water. After sixteen years, a half-dozen studio albums, one live album, two discographies, and countless seven-inches and twelve-inches and compilation tracks on a dozen or so record labels, Leatherface still reigns as one of the most powerful and most influential punk rock bands that are still active. And they’re still lodged safely in the underground. So how did they do it? Leatherface seems to have been built on a series of accidents and coincidences.

At 16 years of age I entered a competition on a local radio station Wear FM, the question was "What town are Leatherface from?" I scrambled to the phone and eagerly informed the telephone operator "Scunthorpe!". Since they were a local radio station looking at a demographic of about 12 people and this was a Sunday night they sent me the prize anyway; a shiny CD of the brand new Leatherface album ‘Minx’. I didn't think much of it at first. Just a few listens later and I was in love. The guitar playing, the lyrics, the singing and the bass intro on ‘Heaven Sent’; I remember thinking "people from Sunderland can't play that good!" turns out he was from London.




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Leatherface - Cherry Knowle

Leatherface - Dog Disco

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