Leatherface / Yesterday’s Ring / Sinkin’ Ships / Summer of 92 The Wrong Bar, Toronto, ON February 22 The following is an extract from exclaim.ca a review by Brad Schmale from Leatherface's 22nd February gig at The Wrong Bar, Toronto with Yesterday's Ring, Sinkin' Ships and Summer of 92. Photo by Lindsey Mackague.

After a short but abrupt sound check Leatherface front-man Frankie Stubbs leaned over to the microphone and quipped, "Let's just get this shit started." With that the crowd cheered and Leatherface broke into ‘Isn't Life Just Sweet’ off their newest effort ‘The Stormy Petrel’, and ripped through songs spanning their entire discography without skipping a beat. During ‘Not Superstitious’ the crowd stormed the stage and chanted along, ecstatic to finally see their punk rock heroes, as well as being a part of the experience itself.


Leatherface - Cherry Knowle

Leatherface - Dog Disco

Leatherface - The Last

Leatherface - Horsebox