I traveled three regions in NC today…from the mountains, across the piedmont, to the tidewater, and back.  Visiting eight cities and spending almost 16 hours riding in a box truck.  In high hopes of seeing a variety of cultures and the beauty in this state, I once again found myself in the same looking neighborhoods, passing by the normal dozen fast food joints laden at every rest stop, and starring at the back end of the same couple of car manufactures dominating our roadways.  There is no time to seek out unique local spots while at work on the road.  That’s why I enjoy listening to bands like Leatherface and their new album The Stormy Petrel. I can’t exactly pinpoint how to describe their music other than by saying its in their own realm of rock’n'roll.  If you enjoy Hot Water Music, then you will get into Leatherface.  The singer  has a great knack for finding catchy harmonies and the guitars feed very well off of each other.  The music flows and I enjoyed the feeling of something new on these otherwise monotonous roadways.  The freedom to find yourself and to be original is still alive in music, and I think The Stormy Petrel by Leatherface does just that.

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Little Rocket Records

Little Rocket Records

Leatherface - Cherry Knowle

Leatherface - Dog Disco

Leatherface - The Last

Leatherface - Horsebox