Leatherface - The Stormy Petrel8.23.10
The Stormy Petrel

Hard to believe it but these Sunderland, UK punks have been at it for two decades now. If I’m not mistaken I believe this is their first record since 2004’s DOG DISCO (on the BYO label) but while that and the record before it (2000’s HORSEBOX) were merely good, THE STORMY PETREL finds them back at the top of their game.

Vocalist/guitarist Frankie Stubbs still sounds like UK version of Bob Mould pouring his guts out on every song while the return of guitarist Dickie Hammond is certainly welcome and he and Stubbs guitars mix n’ match perfectly and sound like old friends (the guitars, that is) while the rhythm section pummels. Opener “God id Dead” is less melody and more philosophy but the raging “My World’s End” and the super-melodic “Never Say Goodbye” are among the band’s best ever as is the bouncy “Another Dance.” You want more? Check out the fierce “Diego Garcia”, the shredded guitar of “Monkfish” and the rip-roaring “Disgrace.” It seems like it’s been so long that Stubbs and Hammond had this monster they needed to unleash and , well, they did. No more of those extended breaks, ok?

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