Frankie Stubbs - Rosemount Hotel, Perth, Australia, 2010Leatherface | Emperors | Fun Razor at Rosemount Hotel. 15/09/10

If you love short and fast punk rock songs (is there any other kind?), then you may get a kick out of Fun Razor. The four piece opened the night to a small crowd but won over those who came early enough to see them thrashing around on stage with their guitars.

Following on shortly after were Emperors who brought their brand of catchy loud melodic rock music to the Rosemount Hotel. Vocalist Adam Livingston had the moves down pat, looking very much the part of an early 90's indie rock star.

As British punk rock band Leatherface arrived on stage, the crowd seemed to thicken somewhat as punters headed back inside to the warmth and the sound of screaming guitars.

Franky Stubbs' gruff and growly vocals were surrounded by a wall of noise as the band pumped out their no frills brand of rock. However, the crowd was treated to some fancy footwork by Stubbs as he moved around the stage in between vocals, doing some sort of two step shuffle.... something I've definitely not seen performed on stage before.

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