Stone, Dusseldorf, Germany
4th July 2011

Leatherface - The Stone, Dusseldorf, Germany 2011What brings a still halfway sober person to the Düsseldorf old city on a sunny Sunday evening? Hordes of low-level amateur soccer players drunk on the season’s end and, of course, the obligatory bachelor parties make the trip to the Stone not too pleasant. Directly in front of the door is a herd of retirees, but they’re obviously on a tour of the sights of Düsseldorf and not to hear proper British folk music. A small group of travelers from Bottrop also stopped by the Ratinger Hof, interrupting their time in the studio, and stepped onto the stage at 9. So What! immediately won over the crowd with their blend of Snuff and Didjits and rocked the house for 30 minutes.

Then Leatherface played the Stone for the third time in a row. It was almost tradition that it was a home game for them. This time they were determined to play incredibly tight. For almost 60 minutes they played one hit after the other, without any real on-stage banter, with the exception of one or two mumbled “Thank yous” interrupting the flow. After the first encore, guitarist Dickie Hammond didn’t even leave the stage; that would’ve been too strenuous. Instead he sat on a case of beer and waited, soaked in sweat, for his comrade to then play You Are My Sunshine to end the successful set in classic form.


It was not the boisterous, slightly chaotic party from the previous year, but on the other hand I’ve rarely seen them play as emotional and rocking as that. And they had just released a new CD, Live in Melbourne – Viva La Arthouse, still fresh off the press and with a tracklist that almost perfectly paralleled the setlist.

PS: By the way, the “halfway sober” issue took care of itself after the concert, thanks to my companions and also Dickie Hammond, on whom I must have made such a thirsty impression standing in the first row that he provided me beer. A very nice gesture indeed!

Source: allroyforprez.blogspot.com
This review is translated from German by Tim DeMarco.



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