Leatherface - Live in MelbourneOne of the most influential punk bands to ever exist, and a band who penned the absolute perfect punk record early in their existence (Mush), somehow Leatherface have gone this far into their career with only a couple official live recordings. Surprising considering their vast back catalog, not to mention their captivating live show, though they finally grace us with a full live set from their tour last year in support of The Stormy Petrel disc.

Though the younger crowd may not be as familiar with Leatherface as they should, those who have been around for awhile will attest to the timeless nature of the band’s records, their gritty melodic riffage and Frankie Stubbs road worn, gravely, Lemmy-esque voice being an absolutely essential addition to anyone's collection. With 19 selections that span their entire discography, 5 songs which are from the aforementioned Mush disc ('Not A Day', 'Springtime', 'Not Superstitious', 'Dead Industrial Atmosphere', 'I Want The Moon') and a few from their most recent disc, The Stormy Petrel, the selections cover a couple decades and this really does come off as a best of Leatherface, the live version.

With minimal in between song banter (though Stubbs does remark this is the best venue he’s ever played before launching into the powerful and stunning ‘Not Superstitious’), Leatherface plow through just over an hours worth of classics here with excellent sound quality that ends with a playful, somewhat ill-fated cover of Nine Inch Nails 'Hurt’. If you haven’t ever seen Leatherface live, this is the next best thing. And if you’ve never heard Leatherface at all and you have any interest in anything related to punk or hardcore or even just rocknroll, do yourself a favor and familiarize yourself with these legends immediately. As far as live discs go, this is as essential as Hot Water Music’s Live At The Hardback or Face To Face’s live disc.

For fans of: Husker Du, Motorhead, Hot Water Music, Nothington.

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